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Upstate Uplighting for Weddings and Events

Uplighting helps to change the entire atmosphere of your reception. Whether you're in a "no-so-attractive" facility that you'd like to dress up, or you just want to splash your color scheme across the room, uplighting is the way to go.


Less is More

Our most affordable package is great for couples who don't want to over-do it and just want to help accent the appearance of the room. Typically, we'll add lights to each corner with one or two in between, giving a discreet and classy approach.



Set the Mood

For couples who desire to have the room light up nicely without completely altering the appearance of the room, this is the package for you. Typically, we'll "set the mood" with an average number of lights around the perimeter of the room.



Blend the Room

Change and improve the entire appearance of your reception with our "Blend the Room" program package. We'll place a large quantity of lights around the perimeter of the room and will also accent your head table to steers everyone's eyes right in your direction!



The Max

When it comes to lighting, there's no such thing as too much! Max out your reception room with a large quantity of lights around the perimeter, changing the entire appearance of the room... We'll largely accent the head table, then discreetly accent any of points which are important to you! This package includes a personalized gobo and an onsite technician for the duration of your event.


 *We  can setup early in the morning, before your guests arrive!                                

*Our lights can customize colors, no more picking from a selection of a few, create any color or shade that you desire!

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